Outerix is dedicated to making it possible to develop according to published standards on Windows.

A full Single UNIX Specification implementation as a Window subsystem. Intended as a drop in replacement for Interix, Services for UNIX, and Subsystem for UNIX Applications on Windows versions up to 8. Implemented as a distribution for the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) on Windows 10.
An implementation of the Single UNIX Specification on top of the Windows API. The difference between Outerix and WOSIX is that WOSIX programs are ordinary Windows programs that run in the Window subsystem, while Outerix programs require an Outerix subsystem or WSL.
A minimal implementation of the standard C (ISO/IEC 9899) library on top of the Windows API. A full-featured, standards compliant replacement for MSVCRT.DLL, with no runtime dependencies that aren't part of Windows itself.
A terminal emulator based on ECMA-48 to best interface with Outerix and WOSIX programs.